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Sprung fountain
breaks a ward
with no necessity
but alleviation—

langoring lament
to company without,
the burden novel
expansive quick above.

Understanding is no sterling
sensation, a prim apositive
beleaguered waiting band.
But golden alluvial

wistful in the by,
sings reverberant
the patient deep flow.

In passionate route
deep descendent
route commences
with passing company,

an open quick conversant
crowd, takes skim

acquired conscipient quips
in solvent drips

to collect intransitory
troughs, flown low,
subobservant croon

rich arrival a swift
patient peculiar glut
in arterial gut.

Heavily worn

And speaks a quick handwrought
disguise fodder—
it is found in the flesh
so susceptible
to dream chain down another
great subverse.

Shake back and wait, complete
forgotten slurry out of nerve,
scant of reason
summer slings discount
response to appease
slippery sense.

Do you who waits for
sterling repose, mandering
affect on will
call to gather and seduce
slivers from just under toe?

Sleek measure, just appropriation
of quavering into silent gesture,
gaunt reckless skeleton leans

into fashion, the next
slim tickle, part way
querent sigh—

oh collapse from within,
release to the tome
of eyes availing naught
but muscle tones effect
into identity and cross
corrective to the aid of strong
far ferried foe.

And to timed collapse the
bring about a quick grievant
wallow of resolution to resolve
a pithy restraint
of fingers, of thumbs
of nature craft result
in limit

that each wisping clot
figures into soft repose—

each day goes by
to weigh in with material
day, and dawns impatient

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endless trip onward
foot over crack
and step
smooth relief with
moment on corner
switch and about
we are, collect
return to breathe
and step
and step

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Lowing Refrain

With parch front settled
sour milk soaked in corner
bits of
collars limp, angry and lifted
wise from
nine hundred sixty-nine
pumped on through minutes

we stand
deserting resolve
vision to ample
ways sucked dry on
a moment
littered flittingly
and pardon.

Trotting in pant legs
drag sweep dirt up
fling and notice first
There's no one here.
with whisk forth
on rhythm
per force
ears, locks, sniff,
and on
meter the rocks
will gather.

If you notice,
you'll have fixture
swinging out of revolving
doorways perplexed at queries
rattling along with

cud gnash
whey spill
with curd

closely to follow.

This is holy-
bright and resilient,
a stain picked
for steps trail
and brief uncertainty
picks a warbling
edge to send
shuffled feet
and again
you walk through
and please,
do not jump from spot to spot.

What I would Like to State about the State

No Matter What Happens—

I will not forget

We have been overtaken.

We hear noise spatter, construe
and picture a mating world
picturing itself on a matted screen,
recognize turbulence on fold
from catapulting care and due
ratified by hororists who so crane
necked seek their prize.

Be for the guide
lining the streets
with partition and
salvation is here.

We gather moss on the soles of our feet.

feeling rythmic -- two weeks ago

I too can swish a stick,
grip and flick, along the street
to let a passing fellow know
he'd better keep his feet on stride
to destiny as some attendant
watchman's branch, the rattling
drum or rapier's dance;
he'll move along with silent feet
another path, another street,
the sound kept still for future trick
as some relentless tyrant's stick.
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    Mother Whale Eyeless - Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) - Brian Eno

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Each wave rolls
soft and curl
peddling in
measure and lift,
languid in craft
and decides-
at point to toss
the egg of ocean
fail to the blue
and there in touch
is the draw.

Matters come and go to the doors to welcome
fastest dreams, settling reasons and catchers
for maids who squeeze the rinds of fruit
they find each sir, and wringing it know
where it bends and slides pulp over pulp
timing itself with the weight of the age.

Young thing,
pace along,
sugar and sweet
the minutes
and the days,

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Instructions for Babies

In sitting on down there is no wait, there is no fashion, only the meeting of ride and relax. Note the keen way your flesh hugs the ground, revel in the monument of your bones, the light array of the things surrounding your moment. It is never too late to begin, and never the right moment to stand, keep walking and know the next place you find you will sit, and stop falling, just stick on for the time being.

Stand is another floor higher, you'll know by the gravity of the impending motion you cannot avoid. Rock back and forth, feel tension waiting to dislodge you, saddle the rancor and learn to know when to lean and when to sway. You can do it on your own, try it out for a bit and then master the fear of falling- remember all there is to descend to is a seat. From here you can see further over the ground. The sights are there to be seen and you may take advantage of them. There is no harm in looking.

From the height you have so many options, but let us begin with the walk. Stumble forward with a first step, put your foot in front of you to betray your body's attempt to fall. Shift yourself forward, keep the center in mind, do not lean or sway, when walking these are advanced maneuvers. It is easiest to walk when one just keeps going. Stopping causes imbalance, knocks you for a loop, makes your eyes and ears shift their frames and everything will look different. Speed makes everything relative.

From here it is up to you, learn the skip and the jump, the sashay and dance. Wave your arms in the air to see your balance for itself, cradle the world in your arms, the motion has set you free. Running is advanced walking. Beware the oncoming objects, put your arms in front of you if you have the fear, your arms and hands are there to stop the pain, they will hold you back from the ground. Sitting is harder in motion, so no reliance is best.

Take motion and run, now remember the first lesson, and don't forget to sit sometimes, and examine all you now have with the stretch of a leg and the will to go.

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on the waves

Sliding sines number the times they follow themselves
calling the number until the machine picks up.

Frantic manning of the shores, reading the same books
over the light of a candle, flickering and sanction
regulate middle slopes to the favor and wish
of an upswing.

If you don't present the problems over time expect
a cascading, threatening rhythmic crash, will mettle
and pluck the the shells out of sand, loosing
the damnation of yesterday's signals, exile fishing
itself from the get go, and then you'll know


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tube head

We have a
two for one
-laugh track-
sale ending

Asleep on the couch, Jim doesn't
notice his wife opening the door
until it's too late and he's been
hit with the sunday paper.
"You haven't cut
the lawn, have you?"

If he had it might have tried to swallow
him whole honey, didn't you notice the teeth
they've grown, the seepage from the cables
running rampant under the yard leaked ads
the blades of grass were quite ready to
spend their savings getting sharper
while Jim lets it all soak in-
the spreading drool marks each second
they sell to him under his snoring breath.

Free financing
for silence,
we promise.

"Go dig up the weeds
before it gets dark."
See what you find under the dirt there,
run your fingers through the smallest
distinction you can make, salvage the flowers
if you can. make the sun run backwards, and tell
your neighbors dying isn't a problem unless
it happens while you're sleeping. Jim gets up
before he can feel the paper over his head again,
reaches to turn off the television
but he can't turn the dial,
and there's Johnny
giving the opening
monologue to grass.